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The most amazing bottle of wine was delivered to our office today, a 2004 Dom Perignon from Jarred and Raquel’s first client Basil Sellers to mark 10 years of small business!!

Just over ten years ago Jarred received a call from an old school mate to say his uncle Basil was considering coming home to Adelaide to host a party for his 70th birthday, in June 2005, and if he’d consider lending a hand. Subsequent phone calls and a meeting in London with a 4 month old child in tow, Jarred had the confidence to leave the security of full time work at Australian Major Events on 11 September 2004 to set up his own business with Raquel and manage Basil Sellers’ epic party.

Well they haven’t looked back, working on amazing projects with the South Australian Tourism Commission, Fosters, Keno, Anglicare SA, Adelaide Football Club, SA Rugby, Mondeal, SA Lotteries, Elite Sports Properties, Sellers Family, Teamworks, Port Lincoln Hotel, Steve Waugh, Roden Cutler, and Ian Potter Foundations. Most importantly, making the jump into small business enabled Jarred and Raquel to be in a position to work with Phillip and Robyn Styles on succession planning of the family business and build on the incredible foundation they created back in 1982.

Here’s a couple of snaps as we look back on 10 great years, and look forward to exciting times ahead!